Natsihi Yearbook (2020)

The theme for the 98th volume of Natsihi was Placemaking, drawing its primary inspiration from the school's physical location. The formatting of the book was intentionally rearranged to highlight specific areas of campus. The visual development drew a variety of colors from the book's photography, creating an abstract portrait of Whitworth. I worked with my Design Editor to create concepts for engaging and bold page layouts. During that experience, I learned about leadership skills managing a team of 12 writers and photographers, and the organization skills necessary for completing a 256-page long-form project. 

Pages 36-37
Divider Pages
Pages 136-137
Pages 204-205
Pages 54-55
Pages 100-101
Pages 22-23
Pages 186-187

©2020 by Madisen Montovino

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