Natsihi Yearbook (2019)

The 97th volume of Natishi was released in the spring of 2019. The visual development was based on the theme of the book: Illuminate. I worked with our Editor-in-Chief to create a book that matched her vision, with colorful jewel tones and ornate art deco typography. Much of the geometric imagery was inspired by the way light moves through stained glass windows. In addition to creating a cohesive theme for the book's entirety, I created a series of logos to indicate the presence of alternative coverage. Each section of the book was designed to suit its own form of storytelling, while also feeling like part of a whole. I compiled stories and photographs to create every page layout in the book.

The book one 2nd Best in Show at ACP's 2019 conference in October and can be seen featured in Herff Jone's 25th volume of Portfolio:

Pages 250-251
Pages 224-225
Pages 154-155
Pages 186-187
Page 146-147
Pages 108-109
Pages 22-23
Theme Divider Page
Natsihi Alt Coverage

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